Herb & Plow CSA Recap of Week #2

photo 1

What did you think about week two?

This week, pick up was a little bit later but everyone enjoyed getting to know each other while we waited for the Herb & Plow car. When Chris arrived, several of the kids helped gather the boxes over to the porch with the wagon and bring the empty boxes from last week to her.

photo 2

Chris also got to meet the members who were at our house at the time.

photo 4

What was in our baskets this week: varieties of lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, strawberries, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, radishes… I think that was it?? 

Here are some recipe ideas members in our group have created this week, hope these ideas inspire you!

Mexican Kale Salad

Michelle in our group made this Mexican Kale Salad… yum!


Nancy made some homemade salsa, are you catching the theme??? 🙂

beets and greens

Libby made penne pasta with roasted beet sauce and kale for dinner.

Ready for week 3 yet?… We’re not quite ready lol! We shall see on Wednesday! 


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