Summer is my favorite season. I love the rest that it provides for my home. Schedules are a little less crazy, schools out, and vacations are on the horizon.
It is also a time of the year that I LOATH cooking. With longer days and so much free time, the last thing I want to be doing is standing in a hot kitchen. So that makes my grill and my juicer (or blender) my best friends.
One thing that has really shifted in my grocery buying since the CSA began is my meal planning. Most of the year I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner mapped out. It helps tremendously with grocery buying. But since the CSA has begun I find that most of my groceries are just meats and a few other things. My family now walks in and asks,”What’s for dinner?” And my typical answer is, “A meat and veggie.” The CSA has made life much easier in the planning of meals.
Lunch tends to be my least favorite meal. We are always out and about or at the pool, so it is never a meal I want to think about. My kids don’t typically like sandwiches and I am almost %100 gluten free so meals that are around bread are out. But we have found over the years that we LOVE smoothies. So that has become our staple lunch in the summer.
The foods that we get from the CSA are great for making your smoothie a little more than just fruit. My favorite smoothie is a green smoothie. For a long time I was nervous to try (Or waste the fruits and veggies) making a green smoothie. One thing I have found about myself is if something doesn’t taste good then I am not going to eat it or drink it. I don’t care how healthy it is. So my goal has been to find good tasting healthy food. I can not spend my time eating something that taste like card board or grass.
So I asked around and read a ton of food blogs and finally found the trick to a good green smoothie. Citrus! You have to balance your “green” with something citrus. It really cuts the bite of the greens.
So there you go. If you don’t have time or the will to stand in the kitchen and saute, broil, fry, or bake then just drink your greens.

My Favorite Smoothie:
Spinach (or Kale)
Orange (or orange juice)
Honey for sweetness

PS Don’t forget that you can turn any smoothie into Popsicle for the kiddos! How cool for them to have Green Popsicles!!

Happy Eating


I am a wife and stay-at-home homeschooling mum of 4. I could sit all day and read cook books and learn new recipes. I love that I get fresh, clean, healthy food delivered each week that we as a family get to incorporate into our diets. We strive to eat very little grain and really limit our processed sugars. The CSA is a HUGE help in this.

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