A year and a half ago I gave up grains and sugars.  For someone like me, that was a HUGE difficulty.  I love food.  So to remove grains and sugar from a diet of mainly grains and sugar….well you can see the dilemma I faced.  I didn’t know what to eat anymore.  Thus began a new food journey for me.  As much as I love food, eating “ok” or “tolerable” food, was NOT an option.  I needed good food.  Food that I could be excited about.  Food that made me as happy as buttery rolls, cheesecake, and deep dish pizza.

I was so excited to see that Kohlrabi was on the list of goodies for this weeks CSA drop.  It is such a fun and unique veggie to cook with.  I think I partly love it just because it is so strange looking.  One of my favorite ways to cook vegetables is to spiralize them. Now I am not going to say that thngs like kohlrabi noodles, zucchini noodles, or cauliflower rice taste as good as cheescake, but they are yummy.  After a year and a half of no pasta, they are really yummy. These days my taste buds get excited over things like purple cauliflower that is roasted with cocnut oil and sea salt.  Or kohlrabi noodles turned into stir fry.

Here are a couple of other ideas:

Kohlrabi Chicken & Pear Salad



Happy Healthy Eating




I am a wife and stay-at-home homeschooling mum of 4. I could sit all day and read cook books and learn new recipes. I love that I get fresh, clean, healthy food delivered each week that we as a family get to incorporate into our diets. We strive to eat very little grain and really limit our processed sugars. The CSA is a HUGE help in this.

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