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This past week we received a veggie that I had never seen before (I thought:). After picking up my box and heading home, one of the first things that I did was to look it up.  The squash was a delicata.  I didn’t think I had ever seen one there for I knew I had never cooked or eaten one.  I think this is my favorite thing about CSA.  If you can set your preference for “normal” “routined” aside and try new things it is amazing the foods and adventure that are out there.  As I started reading and looking up this little yellow veggie I discovered I had seen it before…..

Fall Décor Ideas- Blissfully Colorful!

Fall Décor Ideas- Blissfully Colorful!


I realized that I had seen this squash and others used in fall table decorations.  So now I see table decor in a whole new light….I see it as FOOD!!!

Over the coming weeks I will be converting my dining room table to be decorated for fall.  This year I will use my table to “store” some of the foods I get from CSA.  It seems like a great way to get double use out of my foods.

As I was looking up the delicata I came up with these recipes:

You can read all about how to make it here:

Here is another one:

Delicata Squash Cheddar Fritters on a serving dish.

This fritter recipe can be found here:

Hopefully, you now have a few new ways to use your fall goodies from the farm.


Happy Eating & Decorating



I am a wife and stay-at-home homeschooling mum of 4. I could sit all day and read cook books and learn new recipes. I love that I get fresh, clean, healthy food delivered each week that we as a family get to incorporate into our diets. We strive to eat very little grain and really limit our processed sugars. The CSA is a HUGE help in this.

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