Our Farming Practices

We have been farming naturally for over 30 years.  Our farm, Herb and Plow, is certified naturally grown. This certification holds us to the same standards as certified organic. We have a yearly inspection, usually by an extension agent,  who checks our methods of soil fertility, spray compounds, weed control, cover crops, irrigation, etc. We use non GMO seeds, certified organic sprays, certified organic fertilizers, compost, and organic kelp.  We also enhance our soil  and prevent erosion with cover crops and  crop rotation. We save water  by drip irrigation and boost flavor with special infusions of fish emulsion and kelp.

We have worked hard to extend our seasons and are able to provide early and late  naturally grown tomatoes, peppers , cucumbers, carrots, spinach, and baby lettuce mix by using high tunnels.  Our CSA  provides generous shares with a consistent wide  variety of fruits and veggies for our members for 24 weeks.


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