Why Herb and Plow CSA?



Herb and Plow Farms is a family farm on the Cumberland Plateau owned and operated by Ron and Chris Arnold. We have been gardening/farming naturally for over 30 year. Currently, we grow over 50+ varieties of fruits and vegetables, allowing for the  diverse variety of produce in our CSA shares.  In addition to what we grow, we network with 2 other farmers, who are committed to sustainable and organic farming practices and who provide about 20% of the CSA produce.  They  provide the unusual and more labor intensive food that makes our shares stand out.


All Herb and Plows Farms grown produce is produced through sustainable methods that would meet all USDA organic criteria and then some! We use an alternative certification program through the Certified Naturally Grown organization, an alternative for smaller and/or more diversified farms.



We are committed to ensuring our members a well rounded CSA.  The shares are  generous and we are constantly planting throughout the season to avoid any gaps , skimpy boxes and provide new varieties .

We are committed to quality.  Our crops are naturally grown , minimizing shareholders’ intake of questionable substances. We purchase non GMO seeds, and all fertilizer and sprays are endorsed by USDA Organics.


· Freshness Most CSA produce is 1-2 days off the vine (unless curing is required before it can be eaten). Most  grocery store produce is 10 or more days old. Our produce has traveled under 100 miles , compared to, in many cases, 1500-2500  miles.


Herb and Plow Strawberries


Our family farm  focuses on the foods people love. Your share will include 6-9 varieties , depending on the season. Throughout the CSA term , we raise over 50+ fruits and veggies.We use special mulching and growing techniques to extend our speciality lettuce production .  We also offer early and late tomato and cucumber crops. Did I  mention the large sweet strawberries, mouth watering watermelons, and delicious cantaloupes?    Our members look forward to the luscious sweet corn, various potatoes, radishes, several varieties of beans and summer squash, herbs, okra, assorted onions, garlic, eggplant, broccoli, orange, purple and white cauliflower, purple, white and orange sweet potatoes and much more.

CSA Goodies


AFFORDABLE– Herb and Plow Farm offers a more flexible  CSA program.  We saw that many young families and singles were being left out. For some, coming up with $500-700 up front was a hardship, so we developed  flexible  payment plans and special discounts.  Those who host a CSA drop off and recruit members for our CSA are eligible for discounts or a free share.

We offer a 10% discount for paid in full shares purchased by March 15.  We also offer payment in installments, and a weekly pay-as-you-go program.


We deliver once a week for 24 weeks to the pick up locations.  Each location has a host who is responsible for seeing that you receive your share each week.


Our weekly newsletter provides recipes, food preservation suggestions, farm news and health tips.  This is our primary and most efficient means of communication with our members and so it is “required reading”.


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